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The four pillars of the industrial IoT

Harness asset data to cut costs, improve performance and increase productivity. Explore industrial IoT as a service solution.

To navigate fast-changing market conditions while reducing emissions, energy and utilities (E&U) companies must improve their operational efficiency.

By adopting an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution, businesses can connect their physical assets with advanced digital technology to achieve new levels of operational control.

Download our white paper to discover how IoT solutions help E&U companies:

  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize energy system performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Digital transformation in the energy industry

    Digital transformation in the energy industry may seem overwhelming, yet businesses can achieve transition through four phases, also known as pillars:

    1. Connectivity - connecting physical devices and enterprise systems to the IoT to enable system integration, increase transparency and improve remote processes across plants.

    2. Control - using connected device data to gain complete transparency and control of asset performance.

    3. Digitalization - using data to create a digital twin of a product or system to find efficiencies, troubleshoot problems, test solutions and improve product development.

    4. Augmentation - combining IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) to create smart machines that can use data to operate independently from human influence.

    Leveraging operational data and condition monitoring

    By connecting your energy assets and systems to the IoT, you can collect real-time operational data and receive alerts when assets aren’t performing properly, minimizing the likelihood of costly emergency repairs. Along with reducing downtime, condition monitoring helps your business continuously improve machine performance using real-time data. Companies with legacy machines can invest in sensors and hardware to begin condition monitoring.

    Reduce downtime with predictive maintenance

    Using data from connected devices, you can incorporate predictive maintenance. This data-driven approach involves servicing machines at the right time to predict and prevent service failure. Using predictive maintenance, your energy business can:

    • Eliminate ill-timed maintenance

    • Reduce unnecessary downtime

    • Remotely monitor machines

    • Identify the root cause of production issues

    To discover how your business can use the industrial IoT to improve your energy business’ operational efficiency, download the white paper!