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The power of an executable digital twin for energy and utilities

Global digital transformation spending is forecast to reach 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars by 2026. In order to stay ahead, it is vital for energy companies to invest in the connected systems and smart technologies that are driving the industry forward.

Read the infographic to discover the value of an executable digital twin in the energy sector.

Rising CO₂ emissions and the pressure to meet net-zero targets

As CO₂ emissions continue to rise, governments and businesses are facing immense pressure to become more sustainable and meet net-zero targets.

Fortunately, new technologies are enabling energy and utility companies to have the visibility required to understand their environmental impact and where they can improve.

In this infographic, see how an executable digital twin can enable energy companies to make progress toward their sustainability objectives.

Optimize the production lifecycle with an executable digital twin

In addition to becoming more sustainable, an executable digital twin can also enable energy companies to increase profitability and measure performance faster. The key is uniting the physical and digital worlds to optimize the production lifecycle. Read the infographic to discover the many other ways energy and utility companies can benefit from digital twin technology.