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Achieve operational excellence in energy and utilities with an executable digital twin

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Oil and gas refiners can see profitability gains of up to $180 million per year by connecting and optimizing their operations. The key is to leverage data across all plants and systems with an executable digital twin.

Watch the video to learn how an executable digital twin can help energy companies maximize profitability and achieve operational excellence.

Why energy and utility companies need executable digital twins

An executable digital twin is a comprehensive virtual model that uses data from your systems and sensors to deliver applicable representations of your real-world products and assets.

It enables energy companies to have increased visibility into operational performance and sustainability by leveraging data efficiently. This results in greater consistency and predictability across operations.

Watch the video to learn how energy companies can achieve operational excellence with an executable digital twin.

The business impact of operational excellence in the energy industry

With an executable digital twin, energy companies can access real-time condition monitoring and predictive analytics to gain new insights into operational performance. This allows businesses to make informed decisions in alignment with strategic priorities, such as sustainability.

Watch the video to see how energy companies can harness the power of their data to drive business outcomes and innovation.