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Top-notch sustainability solutions for the energy industry

In a period of constant market volatility, the energy industry is attempting to reduce carbon emissions while increasing energy output. With consumer energy demands expected to rise in the coming years, energy businesses can adopt the Xcelcerator digital portfolio to deliver innovative and affordable sustainability solutions. Download our ebook to learn five tips companies can use to maximize energy production while decarbonizing plants, products and processes.

What energy organizations can do to improve sustainability processes

Whether an energy organization wants to reduce operational costs, expand capacity or improve sustainability processes, the project’s likelihood of success grows using innovative software solutions. The flexible and adaptable Xcelerator platform features IoT-enabled software technologies to help organizations manufacture more sustainable products, make production more resource-efficient and improve the transparency of a product’s CO2 footprint across the supply chain. Discover new ways to improve your business sustainability by downloading the ebook.

How simulation-based digital twin can save time and money

Energy businesses can use a simulation-based digital twin to track and predict product performance at every product lifecycle stage, saving time and money. In fact, an internal Siemens case study found the digital twin approach can reduce up to 50% of materials used when combined with innovative production technologies such as additive manufacturing. By monitoring product and process performance and feeding the data into product design and production planning, resource consumption and products’ ecological footprint are constantly optimized across their entire lifecycle.

How to make managing project timelines for power plants easier

Large and complex projects such as petrochemical plants and power generation stations are challenging to manage within budgets and schedules. The Xcelerator portfolio offers solutions for managing project timelines by providing tight control of engineering information and transparency in different disciplines. Download the ebook to learn how improving awareness and collaboration between engineering, procurement and construction teams reduces communication errors that negatively impact project costs, scope and schedules.