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Shipbuilding project management software: Integrated data platform

Reading time: 9 minutes
In today’s climate of rising uncertainty and competition, a shipyard depends on its ability to deliver on time, on budget and on quality. For this, shipyards must effectively mitigate the risks associated with unprecedented levels of complexity to remain in control of their shipbuilding projects. A data-integrated approach to shipbuilding project management is the first step in this journey.

The benefits of an integrated approach to project management

Today, adopting an integrated approach to project management has become critical. Success relies on smooth project planning and execution. Cost, schedule and technical requirements need to be integrated with a fully planned, resourced and budgeted end-to-end project management solution. Doing so allows project inter-dependencies to be properly captured and managed, minimizing risks. Learn more about the benefits of an integrated approach to project management in this downloadable resource.

Accurate planning for shipbuilding projects

An integrated project management system gives a project manager opportunity to build an accurate plan that includes resource optimization, workload balancing and critical path analysis for shipbuilding projects. Shipyards can adequately monitor real-time project progress and earned value against vessel performance requirements and project deadlines. Learn more in this solution brief.

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