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Solution Brief

Setting the course for the future of ship lifecycle management


Today more than ever before, shipyards must deliver on time, on budget, and on quality to remain competitive. As vessel complexity increases and the shipbuilding environment expands across many geographies, being able to access the right information in the right place at the right time is key to a shipyard’s success. For this, putting in place a robust ship lifecycle management system is imperative.

Leveraging a single source of truth

Having a single source of truth is key to success: Without it, inefficiencies in collaboration and compliance across departments may negatively impact profitability, cause penalties for late delivery, lead to delays in other projects on the yard and put new orders at risk.

By bringing together all product information and processes into a centralized data management system, shipbuilders can effectively manage the complexity of their ships’ lifecycles and be agile enough to respond to the future market, regulatory, and technological changes.

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