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Simcenter durability testing solution guide

Understanding road load data to optimize strength and fatigue

Increasing product durability is a challenge you face when combined with the pressure to make products lighter to be more energy efficient. Reducing mass and material often lead to weaker, less durable designs, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Balancing the tradeoffs between durability and energy efficiency can be tricky, but you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice durability. How can you understand the durability performance of multiple design variants under increasingly shortening development cycles?

End-to-end durability testing

Simcenter streamlines durability testing by integrating hardware and software, offering benefits such as increased productivity, smart load data acquisition and processing, while allowing you to set realistic durability targets. With Simcenter, you can integrate and correlate physical testing with simulation for applications in automotive & transportation, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, and energy industries. Simcenter durability testing can help you with road load data acquisition, rugged data acquisition, load and fatigue analysis, accelerated life testing, optimized test schedules and laboratory testing. Read this solution guide to learn more about using Simcenter capabilities and product configurations for durability testing.