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Centralize production data for medical device quality assurance

Medical device manufacturers rely on well-documented, well-controlled procedures to stay in compliance and to ensure product quality and safety. However, for most companies, the processes for manufacturing engineering and planning, design transfer and production continue to be document centric. This approach can be problematic.

Operational quality can enable manufacturers to automate data collection and management. This data-centric approach can help companies automatically enforce processes and track production in device history records. Comprehensive production information records can help facilitate meaningful, real-time manufacturing data gathering, standardization and contextualization.

Gain visibility to improve your medical device quality management system

Digitalized data collection, aggregation and feedback help you avoid downtime and triggers proactive response. It fosters stronger collaboration within each location, between plants and with vendors. Data workflows such as digital design transfer enable collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams. Centralization helps improve communication of data, changes and quality controls.

Benefits of Siemens Operational Quality Tools:

  • Eliminate paperwork and related errors

  • Scalability and collaboration across regions and organizations

  • Easily deploy continuous enhancements

  • Optimize and automate production order and asset management