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Free E-Book – IoT Project – End-to-end IoT Solutions

There are no shortcuts to a successful industrial IoT deployment. Projects with end-to-end IoT solutions are strategic in nature, requiring the right mix of tools, processes, and procedures.

This ebook tackles the aspects of IoT implementation that companies wrestle with the most and offers advice on overcoming common challenges companies face with IoT to obtain real and tangible benefits. Download to learn more.

IoT business case

Building an IoT business case can be difficult. Changing how a company acquires, communicates, stores analyzes, and visualizes data takes time and continuous oversight. To create a solid business case for IoT projects, some general guidelines include:

  • Establish a clear articulation of the business problem that the IoT implementation will solve
  • State the expected value to be realized in the IoT business case
  • Make sure the benefits to the true customer are clear
  • Show how the project will change behavior, business processes and workflows

End-to-end solutions for your IoT journey

One of the key concepts for generating value is to ensure that your IoT journey generates end-to-end solutions. Examples of basic items your project needs to generate value include:

  • Sensors
  • Communication
  • Big Data Collection and Management
  • Analytics
  • Visualization

IoT enables new business models

Your IoT journey is also boosted by the availability of new business models. One example is the platform as a service (PaaS) – a shared risk model where the PaaS is accountable for the delivery of essential infrastructure and core software tools, while your organization still writes the applications upon the platform. If the supplier does not deliver the services agreed upon, they do not get paid. There are also business models where the customer buys data as a service (DaaS), moving all the risk to the supplier and significantly accelerating project implementation.

IoT implementation must be approached in a manner that generates a significant competitive advantage for the company. Download this ebook to learn how to build a solid business case for your IoT project.