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  • 定义和编辑需求
  • 允许用户将需求指派给设计的各个特定方面,提供可追溯性
  • 确保需求得到满足
  • 在熟悉的 CAD 环境中追踪需求
  • 显示所有变更的影响

详细了解 Solid Edge 需求管理

Solid Edge 需求管理提供全系列的可跟踪性优势,以便从头到尾支持项目经理。 利用 Solid Edge 需求管理,用户可以轻松地即时搜索工作细目和任务并与之进行交互。需求管理功能与 Solid Edge 无缝集成,支持您在直接处理 Solid Edge 零部件和装配的同时管理项目需求。立即阅读电子书!

Stop relying on spreadsheets—especially when managing multiple projects and coordinating numerous engineers.

The ability to accurately record, maintain and track key principles in the product design and manufacturing process is crucial for meeting quality standards. But recording, maintaining and tracking key design tasks for smart, connected products can make requirements management a challenge. You need something with more capabilities to manage the complex requirements of complex products…but how do you implement and adopt a better requirements management system without disrupting development? With the right tools, you can integrate requirements management into your product development process—seamlessly—allowing you to save time and reduce costly mistakes, while ensuring requirements and regulatory standards are met.

Learn the secret to better requirements management

Read the ebook to learn how the right solution can help you:

  • Define and edit requirements

  • Allow users to assign requirements to specific aspects of a design, providing traceability

  • Ensure requirements are satisfied

  • Track requirements within a familiar CAD environment

  • Show the impact of all changes

Learn more about Solid Edge Requirements Management

Solid Edge Requirements Management provides a full array of traceability benefits to support project managers from start to finish. With Solid Edge Requirements Management, users can easily and instantly search and interact with work items and tasks. Requirements Management is seamlessly integrated with Solid Edge, enabling you to work directly with your Solid Edge parts and assemblies while simultaneously managing the project requirements. Read the ebook today!