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Perform safe and efficient space qualification testing

The space conquest is shifting from a race between governmental space agencies to a competition between private companies. Yet, this doesn’t remove the need for space qualification testing, which is required for all space hardware from the component to the full spacecraft assembly. The equipment should withstand the maximum expected launch vehicle ground and flight environmental loads.

From mechanical qualification tests to modal survey and micro-vibration testing, how can space agencies and businesses optimize and de-risk their tests?

Along with industry-proven methods, this white paper reveals innovative methods, using a comprehensive digital twin, to support safe and efficient space qualification testing.

Optimize and de-risk your spacecraft and satellite testing

The comprehensive white paper details industry-proven methods but also novel approaches to properly test and qualify space systems, spacecraft, and satellites for launch.

Learn how to:

  • Perform spacecraft and satellite vibration testing in full confidence
  • Implement traditional and novel methods for spacecraft and satellite acoustic testing
  • Predict the shock response of space system payloads
  • Gain more insights by performing spacecraft modal surveys
  • Deal with micro-vibration and non-linearities in tests
  • And more

Rely on the digital twin for more efficient space hardware qualification

Curious about how digital twin technologies can apply to the space industry? The white paper brings answers and leads you on the path to digitalization.


  • How Simcenter 3D simulation tools can help you prepare setups for direct field acoustic noise (DFAN) testing
  • How to implement virtual shaker testing technologies
  • Which SEA techniques can help predict the payload shock responses

Learn also more by watching the webinar on space CAE and hardware qualification

To learn more about the above-mentioned topics, you may also join our free webinar: Space CAE and hardware qualification.

In this webinar, Mostapha Choukri explains methods for safe and efficient spacecraft integration and qualification testing. He demonstrates strategies for exploring digital twin technologies that facilitate spacecraft and satellite testing.

Dive deeper into the topic of direct field acoustic noise (DFAN) testing and read the Thales Alenia Space success story

Read how innovative DFAN techniques are currently being implemented by engineering teams around the world. This inspiring story reveals how Thales Alenia Space can perform up to 25 tests within one day of the campaign, exploring a novel method for satellite acoustic testing.

Explore solutions for dynamic environmental testing

Simcenter offers a comprehensive suite of dynamic environmental testing solutions, ranging from intuitive tools for routine vibration qualification testing to advanced systems for spacecraft qualification. Discover the offering on the Simcenter webpage.