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white paper

Finding optimal values for new vehicle ECU parameters

Reading time: 26 minutes

Automotive companies require solutions that include a combination of human expertise and easy data handling to manage complex calibration tasks. The calibration process of an electronic control unit (ECU) is designed to find optimal values for ECU parameters.

This white paper introduces an efficient toolchain for performing calibration and measurement processes that enable adapting vehicle systems to various vehicle models or system variants. Additionally, we explain the required data model in different parts of the toolchain.

Challenges of calibrating complex vehicle ECUs

The calibration process is an essential element in ECU development. It’s become a critical aspect of overall vehicle performance and behaviors. There are numerous challenges in calibrating complex automotive ECUs:

  • Optimized tuning for thousands of calibration parameters and considering numerous interactions between software functions and ECUs

  • Calibration tasks are usually performed in a work-split between OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and basic software (BSW) suppliers

  • Calibrating electronic systems for a large amount of vehicle alternatives sold in different markets

Performing calibration and measurement processes for AUTOSAR-based ECU

AUTOSAR supports the use of measurement and calibration. Thus, the description of each software component stores the basic information about data to be measured or calibrated and how to interpret it. This paper outlines the most critical elements of the generic calibration and measurement methodology implemented in an AUTOSAR compliant ECU software.

Capital VSTAR provides a streamlined approach to achieve a complete ECU configuration

An AUTOSAR configuration tool, Capital VSTAR Integrator, manages complexity in today’s ECUs to improve quality and reduce time-to-market. It’s equipped with a feature that enables the configuration to be split, several editors that help perform the required tasks smoothly and efficiently, and a guided development flow dashboard that provides a streamlined approach toachieving a complete automotive ECU configuration.