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White Paper

Should I translate my libraries for PADS Professional

Reading time: 4 minutes
When changing PCB design platforms, it’s prudent to take an honest, self-critical look at the state of your current libraries. You should analyze how well they are organized and whether or not they were built to standards consistently. Libraries are the foundation of your designs, and they must be solid! Once this analysis has taken place, decide whether to continue with the current libraries by translating or starting with a new library built on standards and verified for accuracy.

For a limited time, users of PADS Standard, Standard Plus, or other, older PADS bundle products can get a free license of PADS Professional, only paying for the first year of support. This paper showcases why PADS Classic users are migrating to PADS Professional.

To learn more about migrating your PADS Standard, Standard Plus, or other older PADS bundle products visit.