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Multiphysics simulation software in consumer products and cosmetics industries

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry faces many challenges: A performance analysis of 34 of the world’s top 50 consumer goods companies shows that 85 percent of those big companies had seen a decline in either revenues, profits or both.

Companies in the CPG industry must undergo a digital transformation that utilizes a holistic digital twin approach comprising product, production, and performance to remain competitive in the current climate.

The ability to perform product and process simulation for food and beverage and cosmetics and beauty is becoming a cornerstone that allows companies launch more products faster to market.

This whitepaper outlines how simulation and computational algorithms can be applied in the CPG industry.

Machine learning in CPG industry

A key component to the digital transformation of the CPG industry is exploiting the large amount of data, computation and algorithms that have exploded over the past decade. Harnessing a large volume of data with high-performance computing and advanced algorithms in machine learning and artificial intelligence is changing the way process engineering is performed. Combining data and algorithms can result in models that can be used for predictive analytics.

Expert flow modeling software

The CPG and cosmetics industries involve many complex physico-chemical phenomena, including multi-phase flows, chemical reactions and heat and mass transfer. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become an accepted technology for designing the chemical process equipment, unclogging performance bottlenecks, designing internals and evaluating innovative ideas.

CFD case studies in retail and CPG analytics

The huge benefit of applying CFD lies in the detailed information it yields about flow, mass, energy and species distribution. This enables detailed analysis and understanding of the interaction and dependency of the different variables, which cannot be achieved experimentally with a comparable accuracy and level of detail. Furthermore, simulations are inherently safe and cost-effective, especially when it comes to design or operating condition exploration, where changes can be applied instantaneously in the virtual world. This whitepaper offers various case studies on CFD simulations in combination with design space exploration in the CPG and cosmetics industries.