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Open APIs enable integration of best-in-class design creation and physical verification tools

Design companies want and need to use best-in-class design and verification tools that provide them with the best outcomes. EDA interfaces that deliver access to multiple tools while ensuring ease of use and consistency minimize the chance of errors. By providing access to the open APIs governing not only the integration, but also the look and feel of the interface, EDA suppliers can ensure design companies can more easily and quickly optimize and customize the use of EDA tools in their design flows.

Simplifying EDA tool integration with open APIs enhances IC design and verification productivity

Nearly all chip design companies use best-in-class EDA tools from multiple EDA suppliers to accomplish a successful tapeout that results in high performance, yield, and reliability. Simplifying tool integration and making it easier for their engineers to use multiple tools is one way companies can reduce costs, minimize resource usage, and improve the productivity of their design teams. By taking advantage of the open APIs associated with an EDA tool, companies can customize their design flows and tool usage to suit both company requirements and team and personal preferences, enhancing overall productivity.