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White Paper

Model-based wire harness manufacturing

Reading time: 24 minutes

Modern cars, trucks, and other vehicles feature an ever-increasing number of sophisticated electrical and electronic features. This places a larger burden on the wiring harness that enables these new features. As complexity rises, current harness manufacturing methods struggle to keep pace due to manual data exchanges and the inability to capture tribal knowledge.

A model-based wire harness manufacturing engineering flow automates data exchange and captures tribal knowledge through design rules. This helps harness manufacturers improve harness quality and boost efficiency.

Thriving in a changing wire harness manufacturing industry

In order to survive and grow in this challenging environment, harness manufacturers must significantly change their methods. Digitalization is a key adaptation for harness makers, offering the tools needed to survive in an extremely dynamic industry. A digital model-based flow unifies the previously fragmented domains of design and manufacturing and captures tribal knowledge held by experienced engineers through integrated design rules. To meet the demands of an evolving industry, it is time for wire harness makers to become digital enterprises.