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Transform electrical change management with advanced collaboration capabilities

Reading time: 25 minutes
Rapid growth in E/E systems complexity is driving automotive manufacturers to rethink how they develop new vehicles. The sheer number of E/E and software components in a modern vehicle can be overwhelming to engineering teams as they try to implement and optimize various subsystems. As engineering teams confront these new challenges, they are often hampered by inadequate tools and processes that fail to help simplify the engineering task at hand. This is particularly true during the management of design changes. The addition of enhanced collaboration features into the design environment improves change management processes by providing structured and traceable communications between engineers.

Persistent challenges of change management & how collaboration capabilities help

New collaboration capabilities enhance the pre-existing automation and continuous digital thread and help engineers identify, propagate, implement, and track design changes, all directly within the engineering environment. These additions include four primary functionalities within the design environment with integrated and configurable notifications to ensure the right team members are brought into the design at the right times.