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White Paper

Digital solutions for specialty chemical manufacturing

Dramatically improve chemical manufacturing operations and performance

Specialty chemical manufacturing companies must navigate ultra-volatile commodity markets while reducing emissions. To overcome both challenges, manufacturers must rely on digital innovation to dramatically improve operations and maintenance performance.

Download the white paper to discover how the latest digital solutions enable higher productivity, maximized production and reduced carbon emissions.

Integrated manufacturing solutions for chemical plants

Digital technologies are disrupting established chemical manufacturing practices while increasing global competition among chemical businesses. Set your chemical plant up for success by adopting integrated manufacturing solutions like manufacturing operations management (MOM), which links enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. The white paper also highlights manufacturing execution systems (MES), a centerpiece of MOM technology, to show the value of digitalization.

How chemical manufacturers can leverage manufacturing automation

Digital technologies that provide effective, efficient, standardized solutions for manufacturing execution and operations management are well-placed to address chemical manufacturing challenges. The white paper discusses how companies can leverage manufacturing automation to accelerate production processes while ensuring process consistency. Discover how to build your chemical business into a flexible, efficient and unified digital enterprise.

Improving chemical manufacturing efficiency through digitalization

To thrive in today’s business climate, chemical manufacturers must be able to make rapid and informed decisions in fast-changing operating environments. Using a MOM system, businesses gain complete visibility, control and manufacturing optimization of production and processes across the enterprise. An integrated MOM also enables manufacturers to aggregate, analyze and transform data into actionable information for product development and production planning, creating a closed-loop decision environment to accelerate manufacturing efficiency.

Green chemistry for chemical industry sustainability

Strict environmental regulations and expectations of improving company sustainability are driving the growth of green chemistry. As a result, chemical industry businesses are working to:

  • Eliminate the chemical impact of their raw materials, products and by-products on the environment

  • Produce zero-waste initiatives

  • Deploy new eco-friendly formulas quickly while also ensuring new formulations continue meeting customer requirements

To learn how your chemical manufacturing business can attract environmentally-conscious buyers and investors, download the white paper!