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Improving operations and quality management in the chemical industry

Our Opcenter portfolio for manufacturing operations management (MOM) improves operations and quality management in the chemical industry. Watch the video to discover how to:

  • Quickly introduce new products into production
  • Ensure product quality
  • Perform quality tests at the right time
  • Use wall-to-wall product genealogy for quick identification of quality issues and product recalls

Create a digital twin for your chemical manufacturing plant

The Opcenter solution connects with plant automation systems and a digital twin of the chemical manufacturing plant. Using digital twins, manufacturers gain insights by simulating products, people, processes and resources in the virtual realm before implementing production on the manufacturing floor. Receive additional insights by matching real-world to predicted performance and use those insights to drive continuous improvements.

Easily exchange chemical engineering data

The Opcenter exchange for process industry module lets you manage all required recipes and easily exchange chemical engineering data with the shop floor. Using MOM software, specialty chemical manufacturers can make rapid, informed decisions in fast-changing operating environments. In the video, you’ll discover how our solution enables complete visibility, control and manufacturing optimization of production and processes across the enterprise.

Connect chemical plant automation

Connect your Opcenter solution with chemical plant automation systems to achieve complete transparency and improved performance. We offer unique end-to-end visibility into the production process to optimize quality and achieve operational excellence, allowing decision-makers to rapidly identify production and quality issues and other areas for process improvement. Learn how to accelerate your chemical company’s digitalization journey by watching the video!