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Close the loop with collaborative manufacturing

Heavy equipment is getting smarter. This is forcing manufacturers to manage the rapidly increasing complexity of hardware, software and electronics integration within their products to drive development, performance and differentiation. To do this, heavy equipment manufacturers can close the loop with collaborative manufacturing.

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Product variant management

Heavy equipment manufacturers are confronted with increasing complexity—both in product variations and global production operations. They need effective collaborative manufacturing capabilities designed to enable enterprises to manage highly complex configure-To-order product variations efficiently. This allows them to plan, produce and service products as required to meet global, local and specific customer requirements.

Smart factory – smart equipment

One other trend in manufacturing is smart factories and smart equipment. Much of today’s equipment is software and electronics driven, can connect with other machines and systems, and is able to operate autonomously. A comprehensive collaborative manufacturing environment is essential to analyze the impact of a product mix on production, allowing companies to optimize overall throughput.

The digital twin in collaborative manufacturing

A comprehensive digital twin is a key element in closed loop collaborative manufacturing. Companies need to be better able to deal not only with product complexity, but also manufacturing environment complexity and the ability to deliver service both on-site and remotely. Optimization and execution integration with manufacturing execution systems enables the creation of a digital twin used to continuously optimize production.

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