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Streamlining E/E systems development for wire harness manufacturers

Wire harness manufacturing is a low-margin business, and automotive manufacturers are challenged with creating complex products amid evolving electrical innovations and design uncertainty. The increase in software-delivered end-user features has resulted in a need for additional space to package electronic control units. Electrical engineers must work harder and smarter to meet those demands and requirements and safely deliver electrical designs into production.

Read the white paper to discover a comprehensive E/E systems development solution to engineering today's smart automotive products efficiently

Opportunities and challenges for automotive wire harness manufacturers

In this white paper, we'll explore key trends and challenges in wire harness design, specifically with respect to connectivity, and how Siemens software solutions can help organizations:

  • Expand the profitability of wire harnessing

  • Verify design information and customer requirements rapidly

  • Automate processes and minimize data re-entry

  • Eliminate mistakes earlier in the product lifecycle

  • Turn product complexity into a key competitive advantage