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Advanced ILT solutions to manufacture photonics designs

In the last decade, photonics technology has been an emerging technology for optical telecommunications and for optical interconnects in microelectronics. As a result, a large diversity of photonics design methodologies has merged with very challenging scales and shapes. Manufacturing such curvy and critical photonics shapes requires advanced Resolution Enhancement Techniques (RET), including Inverse Lithography Techniques (ILT) with 193 nm immersion lithography. In this paper, we investigate the manufacturing challenges of several photonics devices using advanced ILT solutions and the SRAF insertion impact on delivering good litho quality including EPE, PVband and LER. We will demonstrate how our Calibre ILT solutions enable the manufacturing of the most challenging photonics designs.

A version of this paper was presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2021 and published in the proceedings.