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Cloud based PLM for small and medium businesses

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Delivering projects on time and on a budget has only become more challenging as products have become increasingly complex. PLM software like Teamcenter X simplifies these processes with a single source of truth located within the cloud.

Teamcenter X is everywhere you are

One of the core features of Teamcenter X is its availability through the cloud. This enables a new generation of team collaboration that reduces time-to-market. Here’s how:

  • Find part and product information with ease 

  • Manage MCAD and ECAD designs 

  • Manage the cross-domain bill of material (BOM) 

  • Visualize the product across the business 

  • Streamline change and other processes

Why you should shift to SaaS PLM

PLM has the ability to change the way your business brings products to market. Teamcenter X becomes the primary source of truth, and every aspect of your business will improve because of the digital twin you create. You find new business continuity with these benefits of SaaS PLM:

  • Manage all 3D system simulation data at the company level

  • End-to-end data traceability and reusability

  • Execute workflows and manage configurations for complex assemblies

  • Generate and share reports with results visualization

  • SaaS add-on options to fit your needs

  • Scale quickly and reliably

Watch the video to learn more.