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Technical Paper

Google, AMD, and Siemens demonstrate the power of the cloud for EDA

Regardless of your next process node, computation requirements constantly expand, both in number and complexity. Design companies often struggle to acquire the on-premise resources needed to achieve fast turnaround times for meeting market windows. Fortunately, companies can now safely and easily leverage the nearly infinite resource pool of technology servers in the cloud to access the hardware resources they need to complete more design iterations per day, shortening time to tapeout while providing more time for design optimization to ensure they deliver the best possible design to market.

Google, AMD and Calibre Design Solutions offer real-world EDA in the cloud solutions to accelerate IC design and verification processes and close design cycles faster.

Calibre Design Solutions has partnered with AMD and Google to provide world-class EDA cloud solutions that enables design companies to access virtually unlimited compute resources when and as needed to optimize their IC design and verification flows. Defining a reference architecture and right-sized VMs for different design applications not only helps companies maintain current turnarounds time in the face of mounting compute, but also enables them to achieve more design iterations per day—shortening time to tapeout while improving design quality by providing time for additional design analysis and optimization.

The Calibre nmPlatform has supported distrib­uted and cloud computing for over ten years. With this extensive experience with both cloud com­puting and the Calibre nmPlatform comes a unique ability to focus on ease of use and efficiency to improve scaling, rather than relying on risky re-architecture efforts. Calibre tools use the same Calibre engines and licensing, and deliver the same great per­formance, regardless of the cloud service used.