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Product development for startups – why companies need a digital foundation for success

One of the many challenges a startup experiences in product development is the acceptance that past design processes can no longer be applied in today’s complex manufacturing environments. This infographic highlights a variety of factors every startup should consider and why a strong digital foundation is key to success.

Top challenges faced by startups in today’s marketplace

In today’s competitive landscape there are a variety of challenges faced by startups including new business models, globalization and eco-friendly regulations. With so many external factors affecting the marketplace, startups should be addressing challenges early in the process and adjusting strategies along the way. Avoiding change early in a startup company can have negative consequences as you may find yourself in a constantly reactive state, struggling to fix unforeseen problems.

Solving complexity issues with the right startup tools

Complexity is a natural by-product of smart, more connected products. Any startup planning to manufacture this new generation of technology will be faced with the challenge of designing across engineering domains and getting systems to talk to each other. The right startup software that allows design and author tools to communicate seamlessly with each other is key to success.