Accelerate your Startup Future

We believe your engineering startup idea will launch your company to be the next industry leader. All you need is the best software to implement that idea.

With Siemens Xcelerator Design for Startups, you have the power and flexibility to seamlessly bring your product to life leveraging Siemens NX CAD, Simcenter, and Teamcenter. With Xcelerator Simulation for Startups, we pack all of the design capabilities and add 1D, advanced structural and full CFD simulation for the most advanced challenges – all for a reduced startup price!

Get Started

As a startup, we understand you need to get your products and services to market as quickly as possible. With Siemens Xcelerator, you can make your ideas a reality.

Xcelerator Advanced Startup Package Eligibility

Irrespective of your startup stage and your company size, we are here to help you! Please leave your details and you will hear back from us soon.

Our Impact

Some of our inspiring startup customers include, Space Perspective, a human spaceflight company planning to take people and payloads to the edge of space by balloon, Elevate Dynamics, a healthcare product company that builds ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) to help people suffering from foot drop. As well as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a company that is developing commercial transportation systems based on the Hyperloop concept, and Fix The Mask, a startup that created a solution to help fit non-surgical masks to your face to provide a safe alternative during the Covid 19 N-95 mask shortage. We also partner with ventureLAB, Canada’s only lab and incubator for hardware and semiconductor-focused products. 

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