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Heavy equipment engineering – Predictive performance engineering software

Can your heavy equipment engineering keep up with the growing complexity of global industry trends? Engineering that accurately predicts performance can accelerate the development of advanced heavy equipment to meet customer demands. This infographic provides an overview of how heavy equipment manufacturers can use the industry’s complexity as a competitive advantage with predictive performance engineering software.

To learn more about accelerating the development of advanced heavy equipment, read the ebook Predictive analytics software for heavy equipment industry.

Physics simulation

How will you meet government emission and safety regulations while maintaining machine performance? Achieve a robust design utilizing advanced and holistic multi-physics simulations to get it right the first time.

CAE automation

How will you meet increased productivity goals with less resources? Get immediate, qualitative feedback on design performance and automate routine processes with seamless CAE automation.

Data integration

How will you meet the increased demand for IoT-enabled machines? Utilize field IoT data integration to create a connected worksite and enable closed-loop feedback for faster development and predictive maintenance.

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