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Predictive analytics software for the heavy equipment industry

Can your heavy equipment development process keep up with the rapidly evolving construction, mining, and agricultural industries? Engineering that accurately predicts performance can accelerate the development of advanced heavy equipment to meet customer demands.

Download this ebook and discover how predictive analytics software empowers the heavy equipment industry by:

  • Reducing costs and time
  • Decreasing emissions
  • Improving quality and compliance
  • Improving safety and uptime

Predict the performance of heavy equipment

Heavy equipment is already evolving with the advancement of connectivity and autonomous technology. Customer demand for IoT-enabled intelligent equipment continues to grow, generating massive amounts of data. Digitizing the development process allows manufacturers to predict the performance of their equipment early and precisely, accelerating innovation and advancing the next generation of heavy equipment.

Siemens digital twin technology maximizes off-road equipment performance

A digital approach with simulation and early validation at its core is the only way to manage rising costs and complexity. Siemens digital twin technology maximizes performance and allows off-road equipment manufacturers to accurately predict the behavior of products across all performance attributes, throughout the product lifecycle.

Digital transformation benefits in heavy equipment engineering

Heavy equipment engineering was forced to rely on prototypes and physical testing to validate designs before simulation was available. Today, Siemens’ solutions for predictive performance engineering integrate multi-physics design, simulation, testing and field data analytics into common and connected workflows to produce accurate results faster, and at a lower cost.

Register for the ebook and discover the benefits digital transformation offers to manufacturers competing in today’s global market.