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Digital lifecycle excellence in energy and utilities

The decarbonization of the energy and utilities industry is driving a digital transformation so that industry stakeholders can convert the coming complexity into a competitive advantage for business success. Digital lifecycle excellence is an approach that will help evolve your document-centric processes into more responsive, data-driven execution. Below is an infographic that will get people thinking about the core concepts around digital lifecycle excellence.

The enterprise data hub and its role in digital transformation for energy and utilities

Multiple industries have learned that applying a lifecycle approach to managing the enterprise technical data of plants, assets, and project data enables faster, more informed decision-making. The challenge is developing a strategy that allows knowledge workers to get full value from silos of valuable information that they often cannot access. Digital lifecycle excellence is designed to do just that.

Applying digital lifecycle excellence for energy and utilities industry

Adopting a digital lifecycle excellence approach pays dividends by creating opportunities that improve competitiveness. Methodologies such as integrated requirements management and systems engineering take advantage of validated lifecycle information for process improvement, enhancing enterprise situational awareness and responsiveness that extends from the supply chain through to operations and maintenance.