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Teamcenter Product Configurator controls production complexity while providing customer variability

Manufacturers around the world are dealing with more complex products, higher client expectations, and shorter production timelines. Companies require a simple solution that allows for reiteration and standardization throughout the lifecycle of a product, avoiding engineering cycles on goods that may never sell.

Product complexity is managed by Teamcenter Product Configurator, which provides a single, uniform definition of product features, rules, and content throughout a company's entire product development and execution process.

Early problem resolution through the use of well-defined, validated domain-specific configurations.

Problems can be identified and addressed before they manifest on the production floor by using early and ongoing validation with real product data. The Teamcenter Product Configurator can assist you:

  • Create, maintain, innovate and expand product varieties with ease

  • Design, source and produce based on a configuration dictionary's single, universal definition

  • Guarantee a validated product configuration for any user

  • Allow discipline oversight into domain-specific configurations inside of a common framework

  • Define and populate CAD and BOMs with configurator defined variant content

The digital twin and product configurator capabilities

An accurate digital twin, based on a common variability thread, can be created on-demand for every product customization. By doing so, a manufacturer can gain real-time analytical insight into a product’s feasibility and impact during its lifecycle.

Read the Teamcenter Product Configurator fact sheet to learn more.