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Reduce your costs and carbon footprint with Teamcenter X product cost management

Manufacturing companies are under pressure to accelerate product development cycles, reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint. Moreover, the increasing complexity of modern manufacturing requires every company to work virtually with partners, suppliers and employees scattered around the globe. Although this has several advantages, it also makes it more difficult to ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information when and where needed.

Cloud-driven Teamcenter X product cost management

With the Teamcenter® X product cost management solution, which is part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services, we offer a hybrid cloud solution for calculating product cost, carbon footprint and profitability analysis. The application is installed on customers’ local information technology (IT) equipment/desktop with the option to use a cloud-based data-base. It is built based on Teamcenter product cost management and allows companies to quickly deploy the solution in a software as a service (SaaS) environment. Teamcenter X product cost management provides named end-user licenses and additional modules to meet customer needs. This enables manufacturers to configure and scale deployments to match their calculation needs.

The Teamcenter X product cost management database runs in a secure environment in the cloud, which is designed to scale with the customer’s needs and users. Siemens Digital Industries Software provides and manages all required infrastructure, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for the customer and no requirements for the customer IT organization to host any servers or manage deployments.

Protected on the cloud with Teamcenter X product cost management

We know that privacy, security and protection are essential to our customers. With a Siemens deployment, your data is always available and backed up to the cloud. To support your data protection needs, we created the Siemens Trust Center as your one-stop resource for information about our policies, compliance, transparency, availability and service. The following section gives an overview of various capabilities and add-on modules to support your cost and carbon footprint calculation process along the product lifecycle.

Speed up and streamline your cost and carbon footprint calculation process

With Teamcenter X product cost management, customers can reduce time-consuming soft- ware implementation and updates and focus on calculating savings opportunities for costs and carbon emissions. This leads to a decisive competitive advantage such as faster preparation of quotation calculations. Cost engineers always have the latest data so they can start fast calculating costs instead of doing upfront database updates for machines and worldwide cost factors such as energy rates, labor rates, etc. They don’t need to spend valuable time to find, collect and import cost and carbon emission data. This provides them with the ability to instantly refresh cost and carbon emission calculations. Procurement teams can analyze entire portfolios of parts and validate supplier prices much faster.

The Siemens SaaS platform enables organization-wide collaboration and a consistent source for all things costing and carbon footprint. Customers can get started with what they need today, then add more capabilities and users when they are ready. Using Teamcenter X product cost management on AWS enables companies to continually move toward a more digitalized work environment.