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HyperLynx DDRx design and verification

DDR interfaces are some of the most complicated parallel interfaces in use today. Complete validation of DDRx interfaces requires hundreds of signal integrity simulations and thousands of detailed measurements, followed by a comprehensive analysis of all signal quality requirements and signal/group timing relationships. Traditional signal integrity batch-mode tools just aren’t up to the task.

HyperLynx DDRx capabilities

HyperLynx streamlines DDRx design by dramatically reducing simulation setup time while providing accurate detailed results that include the effects of lossy transmission lines, reflections, impedance changes, vias, ISI, crosstalk, via-tovia coupling, SSN, and timing delays.

With HyperLynx DDRx, you can fast track design decisions, improve engineering efficiency, and accelerate time to market.

Powerful, automated HyperLynx DDRx simulation

HyperLynx DDRx provides powerful integrated signal integrity, crosstalk, and timing analysis that significantly reduces design and debug cycles for PCBs with DDR memory. Benefits include:

  • Powerful modeling and simulation

  • Comprehensive HTML results reporting

  • Automated workflow using wizards to guide through process

  • Post-route analysis / full interface level verification

  • Pre-route analysis to drive design restraints

  • Power-aware analysis

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