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Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop

Integrating geometry and FE modeling to streamline product development

Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop is a unified, open and extensible computer-aided engineering (CAE) environment for simulation analysts. Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop is the hub of the Simcenter 3D platform, and it speeds the simulation process by helping you to efficiently build the model you need from 3D geometry faster than traditional CAE preprocessors.

Providing a platform for multidiscipline simulation

Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop sits at the core of a broader, integrated multidiscipline simulation environment. Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop is the centralized working environment for pre-/postprocessing of all Simcenter 3D solutions for structural, dynamics, composites, durability, acoustics, thermal, flow, motion, optimization, and electromagnetics . This integrated environment helps you to achieve faster CAE processes and streamline multidiscipline simulations that integrate any of the Simcenter 3D solutions together, like thermal-mechanical, vibro-acoustic, or other more complex analyses.