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Enable mass customization through efficient configuration design

Customers in the construction, agriculture, mining and material handling industries are increasingly relying on heavy equipment manufacturers to supply them with tailor-made equipment that fits their individual requirements. But accommodating this mass customization presents enormous challenges. Those manufacturers who can achieve this in a profitable manner, while design complexity is continuously increasing, will gain a competitive advantage.

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Accelerate configuration design for configure-to-order (CTO) business models

Offering configurable or customizable equipment to customers presents significant challenges. How will you accommodate all possible functional requirements, or even preferences regarding look and feel in a profitable manner? Deliver what your customer wants on time by deploying a process that drives commonality and reuse, and thereby boosts configure-to-order (CTO) business models.

Reduce bid lead time on engineer-to-order (ETO) processes

Reducing the lead time to create a competitive bid during an engineer-to-order (ETO) process is critical to preserve profitability. A thorough digitalization of the process is also indispensable to achieve full individualization. Cloud-based SaaS solutions can help you automate a part of that process, thereby saving a significant amount of time and cost.

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