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Multi-disciplinary design optimization breaks down design silos

With a rapidly changing landscape, heavy equipment manufacturers struggle to keep up with customized machine requests while delivering on time. But what if you could be faster, despite more design variants and growing complexity? Watch this video to learn more about multi-disciplinary design optimization and start breaking down silos with new product design technology.

What is multi-disciplinary design?

With multi-disciplinary design, teams working on mechanics, electronics and software can co-design and overlap model views from one tool into the other, increasing productivity on either side. Discover how an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach can reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Multi-disciplinary design optimization software digitally transforms equipment design

On the engineering side there must be multi-disciplinary performance optimization in order to digitally transform equipment design. When all teams have access to common data sets, inconsistencies can be reduced between disciplines and visibility is created on the impact of all decisions that are to be taken. Check out this new video to learn more about accelerating heavy equipment design.