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Manage modern engineering product development in automotive with a digital thread


Modern product development relies on a foundation of digitization. Each department takes the digital work of others and builds on it, enhances it, and adds value to it. Throughout the digital development process, this builds up a network of interdependent digital deliverables, each dependent on one another. This network is the Digital Thread.

Use Model-Based Definition (MBD) to Manage the Complexity in your Digital Thread

The Digital Thread is the interconnected set of deliverables produced throughout the auto product development process. A model-based definition (MBD) in the Digital Thread provides a single unambiguous definition of a design’s geometry and non-geometric information such as annotations, tolerances, surface finishes, and more. Different functional departments can use this single definition throughout the development process.

Employing Model-based Definitions(MBD) for Quality & Inspections in Modern Engineering Product Development

Use of an MBD in inspection enables product engineers to use the annotations, tolerances, and surface finish annotations in the MBD to produce CMM tool paths. This approach not only automates toolpath creation, but also improves results analysis. Some software applications can automatically recognize when such information is associated with surfaces. They can incorporate that information into pass or fail tests.

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