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Deliver high-quality, compliant devices to market faster

With regulatory oversight tightening and medical devices becoming increasingly complicated, medical device manufacturers are scrambling to efficiently develop products while facing significant regulatory and competitive pressures.

When manufacturers adopt a holistic Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution equipped with evidence-based reporting, end-to-end risk management and decision support, they reduce costs and compliance risks to produce competitively differentiated, premium-value devices.

Siemens PLM for medical devices is an integrated, cloud-based, end-to-end product development system that tackles complexity and regulation through data re-use, context capture and collaboration.

Download this ebook to learn how to deliver high-quality, compliant medical devices to market faster.

Streamlined medical device production with a truly connected platform

PLM for Medical Devices offers features that help produce high-value, competitively positioned devices. Digitalization, design authoring and workflow tools unite to create a truly connected platform that results in low-risk devices with optimized performance.

Siemens PLM for Medical Devices is a scalable solution built on a secure platform. The platform generates connected, related data throughout the product lifecycle which streamlines work processes and outputs.

Benefits of PLM for Medical Devices:

  • Speeds up time to market

  • Reduces quality risks

  • Design information can be easily shared across teams

  • Keeping your global design chain synchronized with DHF/DMR

  • Ensures design data is connected to quality processes

Download this ebook to learn to automate, standardize and enhance product development with Siemens PLM for Medical Devices.

A solution of Siemens Design Excellence for Medical Devices

PLM for Medical Devices is a solution of Siemens Design Excellence for Medical Devices. This medical device product lifecycle management solution empowers manufacturers to ramp up medical device manufacturing with a comprehensive virtual product design. All required design documents for compliance and market approval are compiled and collaborative development is enhanced with a multi-engineering approach.