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How do I create and manage an accurate BOM?

Simplify BOM management and reduce product costs

Component manufacturing has never been easy, and it’s only getting harder. Better bill of materials (BOM) management has never been needed more. Attempting new product development in a timely and budget-conscious manner while communicating with all the necessary stakeholders—internal and external—through documents, spreadsheets and emails is not a winning proposition.

You need your BOM to be robust and dynamic; it needs to grow and evolve with your product throughout the production lifecycle.

Download our ebook, part of our series covering the challenges facing industrial machinery companies, to discover how cloud-based SaaS PLM can reinvent your BOM management.

Cost-reduction potential of SaaS PLM for BOM management

How might your development process save time and money when engineers across different domains can coordinate and collaborate optimally? How would limiting mistakes caused by miscommunication benefit your ability to stay within budget and meet deadlines? With a cloud-based SaaS PLM, you have a single source of truth for every stakeholder. You connect all of your team members, processes and technologies via a common digital thread.

Download this ebook, which is part of our series on PLM solutions for industrial machinery, to learn all of the collaboration, integration and automation capabilities a digital PLM solution can provide.