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Innovative Energy Management Solutions for Consumer Products

Do you want to reduce your energy costs, boost your competitiveness, and make it easier to meet regulatory requirements?

The difference in how well you accomplish these goals is determined by your energy management solutions. To be the best, you must constantly monitor the energy consumption of every machine in every plant. Transparency, a large amount of data, and powerful analytics are required. Smart energy management is important not only for cost reduction, but also for improving plant efficiency and productivity.

This ebook examines current energy consumption trends, the energy management challenges that CP&R companies face, and how industrial IoT can help optimize potential.

Data-driven energy management solutions

Significant barriers to an enterprise-wide energy management initiative exist, such as stringent corporate sustainability programs, the identification of high energy production processes, and a lack of tools to manage energy consumption across multiple plants.

Data-driven energy management can assist businesses in identifying the causes of excessive energy consumption and identifying areas with potential savings to support continuous improvement initiatives. Energy automation systems can be linked to the cloud, allowing for remote monitoring, visualization, and analysis of data.

Benefits of energy management IoT solutions

Energy management IoT solutions combine the power of IoT data management with a cloud-based application that is easily scalable for multiple globally distributed production sites to assist you in lowering your energy costs, determining your energy savings potential, meeting regulatory requirements, visualizing energy data on a corporate level, and identifying historical usage trends.

IoT optimizes energy management

Using connected technology, you can cut your energy costs, optimize machinery resources and maintenance, and meet national efficiency standards. This process enables an enterprise to monitor an energy consumption dashboard in a factory, identify increases in a specific area, and use comprehensive analysis functions to optimize energy consumption efficiencies.