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Increase aerospace engineering productivity with PLM software

PLM ROI assessment

Aerospace and defense companies’ success relies on exceptional engineering. Engineers’ design decisions directly impact sustainability goals, cost targets and regulatory and safety requirements.

However, engineers report spending too much time on non-value-added work. In fact, in a survey of aerospace and defense companies, 85% said lost engineering productivity comes at a significant business cost due to missed deadlines, increased costs and less innovation.

In this ebook, learn how product lifecycle management (PLM) software can help increase aerospace engineering productivity.

Aerospace product development – Research results by Tech-Clarity

The aerospace product development cycle is critical to overall business success. Aerospace and defense companies typically differentiate their brand through product quality, performance and innovation. It’s critical to minimize time wasters for engineers so they can focus on work that contributes to the overall success of the company.

Research results from Tech-Clarity find that PLM solutions reclaim some of that lost time, and the investment pays for itself. Find out what kind of return on investment you could see from a PLM solution by trying our PLM ROI calculator. Simply enter a few details on your business and receive a personalized assessment of the benefits your company could see from implementing a PLM solution.

Aerospace engineering productivity

Aerospace engineers do critical work, but they often must perform tasks that don’t add value to a project. Some examples of this include tedious tasks associated with compliance documentation, answering questions, sharing data and giving status updates. Aerospace engineering productivity can also be lost due to the inability to find information for reuse and the lack of traceability across a project’s data. Implementing a PLM software solution can help combat these different engineering time wasters.

Benefits of PLM in aerospace

The top benefits of PLM in aerospace include:

  • Centralized data management

  • The ability to control access to data and manage processes

  • The ability to manage product data across multiple domains

  • A unified bill of materials

Download the ebook to learn more about how PLM software can help reduce engineering time wasters.

If you’re ready to get started with PLM for your aerospace and defense business, learn more about Teamcenter X and sign up for the free trial to see how you can get started quickly and cost-effectively to drive efficiency and see the ROI fast.