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Aircraft certification is everything

Reduce costs and save time while meeting performance, safety and reliability targets to certify faster.

For aerospace manufacturers, certification is everything, time is money and product development challenges continue to escalate. A product can’t pass certification until testing and verification are completed to confirm that it meets regulatory and safety requirements. In addition to already strict regulations, developers face additional demands for advancements, including but not limited to aggressive sustainability targets and autonomous aircraft options – which require more integrated systems driven by software and electronics.

Challenges in aircraft manufacturing

While many regulatory agencies still rely on paper documentation, the airworthiness team needs to track requirement verification to demonstrate compliance. But they waste time sifting through numerous documents as they struggle to track product and design change data. These are just a few of the industry challenges that are driving you to commit more resources to your verification and certification plans.

Other aircraft manufacturing challenges include:

  • Tracking product data in linear, document-driven systems

  • Product changes and tracking changes through the entire product lifecycle

  • Lack of visibility

  • Limited collaboration

  • Costly physical testing for quality

  • Shrinking workforce

Streamline proof of compliance in aircraft development

Find out how you can streamline proof of compliance in aircraft development. To meet certification faster, you need more efficient ways to track this level of product-, testing- and design-change data. You need to digitally transform your approach. You can streamline your proof of compliance process when you take steps to digitally transform your product development process. Consider verification management as a key part of your digital transformation, beginning at the requirements stage.

You can reduce costs and save time while meeting performance, safety and reliability targets to certify faster.

Make aircraft certification part of your process

Find out how you can make aircraft certification an integral part of your overall design, production and quality processes. To adopt a fully digital, closed-loop approach, you can start by tying regulatory requirements to a digital model, a digital twin – starting at the earliest stage – to build verification and certification deliverables into daily design, analysis, and testing workflows.

  • Give all stakeholders access to accurate data.

  • Link virtual and physical testing.

  • Enable virtual verification and validation.

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