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Maximize profitability with a collaborative design approach to advanced machine design

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The fundamental changes in the complex and dynamic machinery market are driving machine builders to address and manage higher levels of complexity. To thrive in such a challenging environment, you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them consistently for your long-term success.

Learn more about Siemen’s Advanced Machine Engineering solution by reading the latest whitepaper highlight from CIMdata that outlines the advantages of implementing a collaborative design approach to advanced machine design engineering.

Use multi-disciplinary design optimization to build the most innovative machines!

To maximize profitability many machine building companies, use a modular design strategy. At its most basic level modular design involves ensuring interface or connection points between modules are consistent so modules that increase capability or capacity can be easily added within the mechanical or physical domain connection points.

Without multi-disciplinary design optimization data connections can be missing and data interoperability issues can arise causing such issues as:

  • Variety of design tools used across disciplines and lack of common data formats and inconsistent data translation
  • Lack of common data visualization
  • Integration of control systems
  • No support for machine learning

To develop custom industrial machinery, you need a collaborative design framework!

CIMdata notes that most machine builders require capabilities from multiple domains to define their products: mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, hydraulics, and pneumatics. The companies start with a product architecture to develop modular designs that support as much reuse as possible to optimize business performance and those that embrace a collaborative design framework approach will be in the best position to become a market leader.

Master complexity with Advanced Machine Engineering.

Download the latest whitepaper highlight from CIMdata to learn more about how multi-disciplinary design can help your company capture and manage all design disciplines holistically Advanced Machine Engineering and reveals the methods and tools that industry leaders are using to be successful in tomorrow’s machine engineering market.

In the whitepaper Highlight you will learn how:

  • How to leverage advanced machine design software into a competitive advantage
  • The benefits of creating the most comprehensive digital twin available
  • How to embrace and master the complexity associated with machine engineering.

Learn the best practices in advanced machine design and custom machine building to succeed in the future machine engineering market with Siemens Advanced Machine Engineering. download the whitepaper commentary for free!