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White Paper

Making the case for more multiphysics CFD simulation, more often

Whether designing a product as cutting-edge as a lightweight electric vehicle or as cut-and-dry as a conventional HVAC system, engineering teams are faced with an array of challenges that require a new approach. One of the most effective ways to reinvent the process and deliver consistent design improvements is to inject fast and cost-effective computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation throughout every stage of the workflow. Investing in a robust CFD Multiphysics simulation platform like Simcenter STAR-CCM+ helps organizations tie engineering simulation with design exploration, reinvent design practices, promote the more widespread use of simulation and truly engineer innovation in their products.

This white paper about CFD simulation will be useful for:

Product Development Engineers, Product Design Engineers, CFD Simulation Engineers and Engineering Managers in any industry interested in learning more about Multiphysics CFD simulation, automation and design exploration.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The role of Multiphysics simulation in product design and innovation
  • The need for running more CFD simulations more often
  • Engineering challenges in automation & oversimplification
  • Complexity in connecting simulation tools
  • Tackling design optimization, design exploration and availability of compute resources
  • The key ingredients to deploy a high-fidelity digital twin