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White Paper

Customized Manufacturing – Introducing Siemens Digital Part Production

One of the most significant challenges machine builders face today is the rising complexity surrounding new machine introductions in response to increased customization needs. 

More than ever, customers require highly customized products that are designed to meet their specific needs - one size does not fit all. 

Driven by consumer demand for customized manufacturing, to stay competitive machine builders must create modular, multifunctional machines.

Automated Part Manufacturing

Siemens Digital Part Production (DPP) offers new engineering and manufacturing practices to keep pace with growing complexities while driving the highest possible production throughput and quality part production. A comprehensive digital twin connects the entire production process digitally automating the many processes between engineering and manufacturing.

Download the white paper to learn more.

Digital Twins in Industrial Manufacturing

Siemens Digital Part Production (DPP) is an integrated digitalization solution based on a comprehensive digital twin. This approach enables machine builders to master the precision of the perfect part, while offering greater operational efficiencies and the ability to manage the shop floor better.

Having these digital twins allows companies to simulate design and manufacturing even before fixtures have been built and materials are being cut. Now it is possible to connect the entire production operation, cut data transfers and duplication, improve collaboration and automate all processes.

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AM Technologies – Build-to-order Machinery

Highly automated CAM and synchronized part production help streamline the design and manufacturing of custom parts, whereas additive manufacturing enables machine builders to create complex geometries that differentiate them from the competition. As a result, machine builders can effectively deploy additive manufacturing to address the constant need for build-to-order customization, smaller lot sizes, and pressures to get to market faster.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about Siemens Digital Part Production.