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White Paper

Ensuring aircraft cyber-security through engineering software

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Corporations around the world are suffering from the relentless rise of cyber-crime, cyber-espionage, and cyber-terrorism. In addition to severely harming a company’s reputation, breaches into their security systems threaten customers’ privacy, safety, and well-being. As a result, companies are taking more significant measures to secure their information throughout their supply chains. One large air-frame manufacturer has been a leader in the push for greater aircraft cyber-security. This manufacturer has conceived and implemented a multi-faceted secure software development program, strengthening cyber-security for all the software it uses. This paper will examine this manufacturer’s security process and discuss how vendors rose to meet these rigorous security requirements.

Safeguard the enterprise’s future from security threats

Today, companies are investing in the development of robust, comprehensive, and powerful safeguards against the numerous cybersecurity threats of the modern world. This is the culmination of the critical observation that cyber-criminals began targeting not just major corporations, but their supply chains as well. Companies have identified two important features their secure software development programs should possess. First, it is important to establish an organization across the company. A uniform process for ensuring software security across all departments is crucial to the security of the enterprise as a whole. Second, it is critical that security programs establish consistent engagement between vendors and company management. This ensures that each vendor is meeting equal standards and receiving equal treatment.