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White Paper

Reducing aircraft noise

Aircraft manufacturers are facing stricter regulations for aircraft emissions, including environmental noise and increased pressure to improve cabin acoustic comfort. Reducing aircraft noise challenges engineering teams to efficiently troubleshoot noise issues and develop quieter aircraft design without compromising weight and performance objectives.

This white paper explores a complete solution for detailed acoustic testing and sound engineering featuring a number of technological advancements that help engineers perform acoustic measurements more efficiently for both exterior and interior noise. Download the PDF to learn more.

Aircraft noise reduction technology

Engineering teams must tackle a variety of acoustic problems at different stages of aircraft design and development. Discover innovative aircraft noise reduction technology and techniques to help tackle and suppress noise issues – and learn when and how to deploy them.

Aircraft noise certification

Standards for aircraft noise certification are evolving. Regulation is becoming more stringent to ensure the latest available noise reduction technology is incorporated into aircraft design to reduce the environmental impact. Read this white paper for details.

Cabin comfort engineering is also a major consideration in aircraft development. Cabin comfort engineering addresses two aspects: acoustic and thermal comfort. It determines how well the pilot, the crew and the passengers feel aboard the aircraft. Interior acoustic design is an important element of comfort. Aircraft manufacturers not only aim at reducing the noise levels inside the cabin but also seek to design an environment that is acoustically pleasant to the human ear.

Efficient aircraft noise operational measurements

Operation measurements to troubleshoot noise issues or assess the efficiency of noise control measures should be carefully planned and executed, since flight testing typically involves high costs. For example, it is important to use flexible measurement techniques that allow you to capture the relevant phenomena and get rapid insights into cabin acoustics.

Learn how Simcenter hardware and software testing solutions provide a complete and scalable acoustic engineering solution for aircraft noise for essential insight into the development of quieter and more efficient military and commercial aircraft.

Sources of aircraft noise

Our latest technological solutions enable aircraft manufacturers to identify and mitigate sources of aircraft noise to develop quieter, greener and more comfortable products. Using state-of-the-art technologies, including array-based sound source localization and transfer path analysis, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the noise generation mechanisms and the ability to efficiently design noise control measures.