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Simplify harness costing with Siemens Capital

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Wire harness manufacturers are often faced with a quick turnaround for quoting costs. Any oversight in costing could cut into margins due to an inaccurate calculation of materials, labor, machines, or other sources. Discover more in this video about how Siemens Capital software can help simplify harness costing with automated generation of accurate material and labor costing.

Detailed and fast harness costing that is data-driven

The pressure to quote competitively and to “get it right the first time” is intense. That’s why Capital provides harness manufacturers with a rules-based framework and process for:

  • Accurate and detailed harness costing driven from data

  • Detailed and process models based on manufacturing

  • Reduced quotation turnaround time

Batch cost all design variants in one process

Capital’s detailed, accurate, and rapid harness costing allows harness engineers to keep up with the dynamic nature of product changes with repeatable, rules-based automation. All the variants of a harness family can be costed in one batch run, using multiple costing models if required, with the option to export a consolidated results file automatically.