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Using a powerful integrated digital solution to develop autonomous vehicles.

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A revolution is transforming the automotive industry. Powerful digital technologies are driving demand for autonomous transport solutions, and they are disrupting existing approaches to car building.

These smart and connected vehicles powered by Artificial Intelligence represent a considerable challenge and opportunity for automakers. Developing future vehicles comes with a great increase in complexity, so the right tools and technology partners will be needed.

Siemens Autonomous Vehicle Development solutions offer a full set of tools for all key technical domains to cover every development aspect, from chip design to full vehicle validation.

Are you ready to develop the safe, reliable self-driving vehicles the world is waiting for? Check out the video!

Future vehicles will be computers on wheels and will welcome digital transformation

The race to lead autonomous vehicle development has begun. New digital technologies are driving demand for smart connected products like self-driving cars. Forecasts predict a $7T market worth for autonomous vehicles by 2050! Expect an unprecedented increase in vehicle development complexity in an already challenging market with fierce global competition from technology companies. Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must explore new approaches to vehicle development or risk failure. Taking a leading position in developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles will be key to success.

However, delivering these complex autonomous transport solutions in a safe, reliable way and at the right cost demands radical changes to the way the vehicles are designed, manufactured and sold.

A digital transformation is needed, and Siemens can provide you with the powerful Autonomous Vehicle Development tools you need to succeed.

Intelligent AV Development is the guarantee to build safe, reliable self-driving vehicles

At the heart of self-driving vehicles resides powerful embedded software, chips, and electronics. These vehicles will rely heavily on artificial intelligence, and as a result, they will require extensive testing, verification, and validation. The safety of passengers and of the surroundings comes first, so building your customers’ trust is crucial.

Being highly complex machines, AVs will involve cross-domain engineering from integrated circuit design to city infrastructure and vehicle deployment. To tackle this complexity and facilitate validation, an integrated solution of simulation, testing, virtual validation and engineering is required.

This video offers insight in Siemens solutions for AV Development and how they could help automakers in this mammoth task. Learn how you could achieve a closed-loop development process supported by advanced simulation technology: the Digital Twin.

Replace siloed approaches for an AV Development integrated solution powered by the Digital Twin

Siloed approaches for managing individual systems won’t suffice when tackling the increased complexity of AV Development. Instead, developers must integrate all processes within a comprehensive digital solution. With this in mind, Siemens’ AV Development solutions enable an agile, model-based development with integrated data flows and software-based simulation capabilities.

The Digital Twin is one of the key technologies at the heart of our AV Development solutions. Instead of driving for thousands of miles, a Digital Twin of the AV systems on the level of the chip, electronics, vehicle, and city infrastructure can be tested using massive scenario simulation. This setup enables safety and reliability validation. With the digital twin, testing early in the design process to identify issues is possible, saving valuable time and costs

Get ready to build the safe, reliable self-driving vehicles the world is waiting for. Watch the video for more!