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A unified platform for automotive embedded software development

Creating a unified platform for automotive embedded application development.

A Unified Platform for Automotive Embedded Software Development

Effectively implementing a feature-centric, architecture-driven approach provides a robust, secure, and widely accessible structured methodology to design, create, track and improve the complex software features that are distributed across a multitude of in-vehicle ECU abstractions, and often sourced from many suppliers across the globe. Constructing a holistic picture of the status and completeness of many applications is critical to delivering high-quality, safe embedded software on time. From the bottom-up perspective of embedded software application development, keeping track of the feature-level context, and overall system constraints is an absolute necessity.

Achieving such a methodology requires a unified platform for embedded software development to coordinate all the activities across a diverse toolset to deliver a fully verified and validated build under hardware and system configuration constraints. With such a platform, OEMs and suppliers can consolidate dataflows across the tool-chain eco-system and synergize to optimize processes, methods, and tools integrations.

In this video, you will get a high-level view of the POLARION unified application development platform solution and how it is used to deliver high quality automotive embedded software.

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