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Environmental compliance in semiconductor lifecycle management with PLM

Pursuing green design could give your products the competitive edge you’ve been searching for. Many customers today are looking for greener, more environmentally compliant products. Semiconductor companies (fabs, fabless, IDMs, foundries, OSATs/subcons, and photonics) who adopt strategies that enable the efficient design of green products are better prepared to win in today’s marketplace.

For a closer look at the greener results that PLM software can help you achieve, don’t miss the informative infographic.

Turn environmental compliance into a competitive advantage with PLM

Today’s consumer mindset demands nothing less than complete visibility into your product makeup, including material and substance data. To successfully compete, semiconductor companies need a framework built on product lifecycle management (PLM).

By implementing an efficient end-to-end PLM system to maintain collaboration for all product data, including specification, intellectual property (IP), validation, and verification information, semiconductor companies can achieve their environmental and business goals.